At Sylvan Valley Lodge and Cellars, we believe tasting local wines and craft beers should be an adventure for the soul. British Travel Writer Pico Lyer once said. “A traveler is really not someone who crosses ground so much as someone who is always hungry for the next challenge and adventure.” To that we say, “Welcome traveler, your adventure awaits!”

Craft Beer Flights

At its core, a beer flight is simply a sampling of several beers. It could have been called a bevy of beer, an army of ales, a leap of lagers, or a raft of brews (which would have been clever seeing as the tray a beer flight is commonly served on is called a paddle). In an effort to keep the English language as complicated as possible, the word flight, signifying objects hurtling through the air, has become the prevailing term. We don’t get it either, but our flights are fantastic.

Hard Cider Flights

Hard cider isn’t new to the scene, but it’s currently having a renaissance in the United States. What used to be the go-to beverage of the American colonist is now popping up all over. This fruit-based alcoholic beverage is light and refreshing. Hard cider is also gluten-free, which makes it a more enticing option for current food trends. Have you tried it yet? Come on in and try a flight of four ciders including Mercier Orchards Grumpy Granny Apple (GA), Sautee Cider Company Bulldog Peach (GA), ACE Pineapple (CA) and Magners Pear (IRE).