After an active day in the mountains, nothing goes down smoother than a hearty meal and some ice cold beer. That’s why we serve up 6 different 5-course beer dinners throughout the year, featuring some of the finest craft breweries around. Our Culinary team dishes out the freshest local ingredients for pairings with each of five specialty brews. So relax in our rustic, comfortable environment and enjoy exploring the world of beer from the perspective of your palate.


Elements of a Great Pairing Dinner

The Beer: Our goal is to showcase beers and craft brewers. To that end, we start with the beers and build the menu around them. Having the brewmaster, or their representative at the dinner to talk about the beers gives a unique perspective and an intimate glimpse into the process.

The Food: We pair flavors. We start with the beer, in the glass where we can see it, swirl it, smell it, sip it, but never spit it. Then we add flavors, tasting, combining, savoring and creating. Once we know what flavors not only go with the beer, but change the overall experience. Only then do we come up with the actual “dish” for the menu.

Edutainment: Production Pioneer, John Boyes, and Culinary Pathfinder, Robert Rotunno will take your taste buds on a wild journey as you explore and discover what this amazing area has to offer the world of beer.

The Service: We believe there is a distinction between customer service and guest hospitality and that impeccable service is derived from the perfect combination of both. Service is the technical precision of how the product is delivered, while hospitality is the artful grace with which it is done. Our goal is to provide a wonderful experience and we absolutely love what we do.

“All four elements were happening in equal measure – the cuisine, the wine, the service, and the overall ambiance. It taught me that dining could happen at a spiritual level.”
– Chef, Auther and Restauranter Charlie Trotter