The Top 4 Tours of Sunburst Adventures in Clarkesville, GA

North Georgia offers a blank canvas for your next outdoor adventures. It’s also a marvelous place to reconnect with your special someone, nature, and importantly yourself. Moreover, you may wish to experience our area to the fullest. To immerse yourself, we recommend booking your next outdoor experience with Sunburst Adventures in Clarkesville, GA. Also known as Sunburst Stables, this delightful touring company offers activities such as ATV rides, boat tours, horseback riding, and zip lining – all allowing you to immerse yourself in the wonder of our region. We hope you have a wonderful time enjoying a guided excursion on your getaway to Sylvan Valley Lodge. 

Discover the places you’ll travel to with Sunburst Adventures in Clarkesville, GA, as well as the top locations, delightful things to do, and so much more when you request a copy of our complimentary Vacation Guide!

Activities to Enjoy With Sunburst Adventures in Clarkesville, GA

Sunburst Adventures in Clarkesville, GA, brings you one step closer to nature!

Sunburst Adventures in Clarkesville, GA, is situated at 251 Sunburst Lane in Clarksville, GA. Offering all group tours, you and a small number of visitors create the next greatest experience in North Georgia. Explore the selection of outdoor activities with this delightful company, and use our local insights to better understand how to make the most your time!

ATV Tours Near Helen, GA

Departing daily at 10 a.m., 1 p.m., and 3 p.m., grab your light jacket and travel down the many trails of North Georgia. Led by a friendly guide, follow them along the 5-mile journey. On your trip, both beginner and advanced riders will enjoy views of the mountainous terrain, as well as learn more about the abandoned gold mine and a beautiful cavern. You won’t be disappointed by your time!


During the spring and summer months, the weather in North Georgia is delightful. With Sunburst Adventures in Clarkesville, GA, you’ll be delighted by the variety of the on-the-water activities to enjoy. All board a tour boat, either sailing or slow pedaling, to the breathtaking Minnehaha Falls. Once there, embrace the opportunity to participate in a fishing lesson, swim in the cool waters, or simply sunbathe. Allow 2.5 hours for this excursion and remember to wear water-friendly clothing such as a bathing suit.

Horseback Riding

Calling all equestrians! Suitable for all ages and skill levels, Sunburst Adventures in Clarkesville, GA, provides you with one of the best horseback riding in North Georgia. Offering rides through 4,000 acres of wooded trails, gentle trot by scenic overlooks, softly rushing streams, and sightsee native wildlife in their natural habitat. You’ll be led by expert guides on your journey through the North Georgia area! Another wondrous company providing this popular pastime is Chattahoochee Stables in Sautee Nacoochee, GA.

Zip Lining

One of the top things to do on Sunburst Adventures in Clarkesville, GA, is zip lining!Sunburst Stables’ reviews for zip lining declare this activity to be the top choice for Sunburst Adventures in Clarkesville, GA, tours. Proudly boasting no hiking, climbing, or scaling towers, this unique tour provides you with an experience of a lifetime. A professional guide will strap you into your safety harness and assist you in gearing up for your time on the cables. Feel the rush of wind as you glide across one of the nine zip lines, which totals 7,000 feet in length. If you wish to enjoy this activity from the ground, board the Tally-ho wagon with a resident tour leader and follow the course. You may even want to take pictures!

Also, enjoy this activity at sunset, as well as horseback riding and ATV tours. Remember – bring your camera with you to capture the sun meeting the towering mountains and towering trees. It’s simply a wonderful sight!

Other Ways to Immerse Yourself in the Wonder of Clarkesville, GA

After your time with Sunburst Adventures in Clarkesville, GA, your interests our region will spark. Disconnect from the modern conveniences from our technological world, immerse yourself in the allure of our area, and spend your time meandering through these following places and enjoying these activities!

Recharge at Sylvan Valley Lodge

Once you’ve completed your Sunburst Adventures in Clarkesville, GA, experience, travel through the scenic region to the rustic comfort of Sylvan Valley Lodge. Our scenic bed and breakfast features the understated charm of North Georgia, which is paired with breathtaking vistas of the towering Yonah Mountain and with a glass of exquisite vino from the Frolicking Faeries Collection. Enjoy these elements and more with a stay in the comfortable accommodations. We invite you to browse our intimate rooms and reserve the ideal one for your North Georgia getaway.

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