How to Enjoy Soque River Fishing

No matter time of year you visit North Georgia, you’ll be captivated by the natural beauty encompassing our scenic region. With a delicate balance of nature, culture, history, and adventure, your next visit to our beloved area will be simply unforgettable. If you’re wishing to soak up the stunning allure of our surrounding mountains, we recommend going Soque River fishing in nearby Clarkesville, GA. This favored pastime allows you to reconnect with nature, your special someone, and most importantly yourself. Whether you’ve cast a line in this location before or it’s your first time visiting, this experience will make a marvelous supplement to your getaway to Sylvan Valley Lodge.

Once you enjoy Soque River fishing, find out more information about the popular attractions, historical landmarks, things to do, and other outdoor-oriented activities to enjoy on your travels to Sylvan Valley Lodge upon requesting a copy of our complimentary Vacation Guide!

Soque River Fishing: A Beloved Pastime

If you’re having difficulty planning which spots along to go Soque River fishing, consult our Vacation Guide (link above), or review our favorite locations below. We hope you enjoy this leisurely activity as much as our guests do!

Regional Information

Nestled in the heart of Habersham County and in the upper portion of the Chattahoochee watershed, the Soque River is one of the most peaceful destinations. Since much of the river is situated on private property, Soque River public access is limited. However, there are desirable locations that boast an abundance of trout. In fact, water temperatures are optimal for these schools of fish to survive year-round, and landowners near the river purchase trout to release into the water to maintain the exclusivity of Soque River fishing. Before you fish, you must have a license, which takes a minimal amount of time to receive. However, we do suggest getting it a month before you arrive due to Soque River fishing regulations.

How to Fish

If you wish to fish with professional fisherman, book your excursion with either Riverside Trout Fishing, Blackhawk Trophy Fly Fishing, or Unicoi Outfitters. Each of these wonderful companies affords you with the opportunity to enjoy trophy trout fishing in North Georgia, including Fern Valley on the Soque and Jackson Bridge on the Soque River. In addition, your experience will be accompanied by a group of fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

If you wish to cast in line on a more peaceful excursion, plan a private tour with the Brigadoon Lodge. It’s the perfect way to disconnect from our modern world and be encapsulated by the serenity of North Georgia. We recommend booking this trip during the spring to watch the colorful blossoms decorate the countryside, or in the fall to marvel at the warm hues and crisp air drastically change the landscape!

Other Attractions in Clarkesville

The outdoor destinations of North Georgia are simply stunning. After your fishing experience, why not explore more of our region? A few of our recommendations include:

Unwind Together at Sylvan Valley

After your Soque River fishing experience, bring your unused tackle back to your intimate accommodation at our charming bed and breakfast. Set to the rhythm of the peaceful sounds of North Georgia Wine Country and to the tune of your peace of mind, Sylvan Valley Lodge is the relaxing vacation destination for you. We offer a gorgeous selection of rustic elegant rooms and invite you to reserve the ideal retreat for your romantic getaway. Each of our marvelous guest rooms boasts a copious amount of natural light, comfortable bedding, and a private bathroom.

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