Visit the John C. Campbell Folk Art School

Calling all art aficionados! During your stay at Sylvan Valley Lodge, we encourage you to experience the John C. Campbell Folk Art School in Brasstown, NC. Also known as “The Folk School,” this unique learning facility is located a scenic 40-minute drive from our rustic bed and breakfast and is designed to teach you how to harness your creative abilities in a serene environment. Whether you are an artist yourself or simply wish to enjoy something incredible, get inspired by the crisp mountain air, the relaxing ambiance, and the stunning allure on your trip to this delightful education center.   

North Georgia

Once you’ve discovered the creative retreat that’s the John C. Campbell Folk Art School, make some time to explore our culturally rich and naturally appealing area. No matter what time of year you visit our budding wine country, request a copy of our complimentary Vacation Guide. We carefully compiled this travel planner to experience the collection of historic sites, outdoor spaces, farm wineries, and exceptional eateries in North Georgia without the hassle of researching each location. This informative guide also answers the question of “Where to stay?” with a section dedicated to the intimate accommodations at our charming bed and breakfast.

Everything You Need to Know About the John C. Campbell Folk Art School

John C. Campbell Folk Art School is situated at the end of One Folk School Road Brasstown, NC 28902. When you arrive at this historic site, you’ll see the natural wonder of the Appalachian Mountains unfurl right before your eyes. Here’s what you can enjoy at this remarkable establishment!

History of the Craft

John C. Campbell, the founder of the folk art school, studied education and theology in New England and wished to improve the quality of mountain life. Along with Olive Dame, his wife, the couple purchased a covered wagon, outfitted it as a home, and traveled to do just that. Not only did the couple glean new information and gain a unique perspective but also collected samples of ballads and learned about handcrafting techniques. From their experiences, the couple wished to transform the Danish countryside into a dynamic, creative area – hence why the John C. Campbell Folk Art School originated. If you wish to learn more, start a conversation with one of the friendly John C. Campbell Folk School staff members.

For the Day  

If you are interested in a class, these seminars are a week-long or weekend-long immersive experience, but here at Sylvan Valley Lodge, we enjoy a day visit. On a sunny spring, summer, or autumn day, drive through the diverse landscape of North Georgia to experience this destination, which is listed on the National Register for Historic Places. Before you go, we recommend downloading the John C. Campbell Folk School map to understand the layout of the property. When you arrive, there’s an assortment of wonderful activities to delight in.

  • Exploring the History Center
  • Indulging in regionally inspired cuisine
  • Perusing the John Campbell Folk School Gift Shop
  • Strolling the Nature Trails
  • Touring the grounds

Whatever way you wish to enjoy this fascinating place, bring your camera to capture the breathtaking beauty surrounding you!

Seasonal Entertainment to Enjoy

Throughout the year, the John C. Campbell Folk School has upcoming events for everyone to enjoy. This year-round destination offers a full schedule of cultural celebrations including a live concert series and community dances. If you wish to hear the soulful sounds of mountain music, bring your lawn chair and towel for the free live performance! Or, get your dancing feet ready for contra and square dancing lessons every Saturday of the year. Each of these artistic showcases is truly incredible, so we urge you attend one!

Book Your Stay at Sylvan Valley Lodge  

Standard Lodge Room 19 After your John C. Campbell Folk Art School experience, make the drive through the Chattahoochee National Forest to the rustic comfort of our bed and breakfast. Here at Sylvan Valley Lodge, we provide a relaxing retreat from the stress of your daily routine. We invite you to browse our charming accommodations, each of which boasts unparalleled views of the mountains and forest, comfortable bedding, private bathrooms, as well as exudes an intimate atmosphere for your romantic getaway.

Once you book your trip, delight in a tasting at our inviting Knot Bar, sample wines from our Frolicking Faeries Collection, and enjoy our seasonal events. Whatever you decide to relax, you’ll feel refreshed well-after you depart from our mountainside hideaway!