CeNita Vineyards & Everything You Need to Know

North Georgia Wine Country is truly a sight to behold. As you drive through our winding roads, marvel at the rows of loaded vines and farm wineries dotting the landscape. Among these wine lover’s destinations, uncover the hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path wineries such as CeNita Vineyards. Tucked away in the heart of Cleveland, GA, this magnificent winery boasts a charming tasting room and a selection of exquisite wines.CeNita Vineyards

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Why You Need to Visit CeNita Vineyards

Whether you’re a novice to wine culture or an aficionado, CeNita Vineyards offers the perfect blend to please your palate. Review our local insights and find out more information about one of the most beloved wineries near Helen, GA.

The Story of This Winery

CeNita Vineyard, Winery, & Tasting Room in Cleveland, GA, originated with combined efforts of the husband and wife team, Greg and Carol Chambers Crumley. Founded in 2007, the couple wanted to honor the memory of their parents on the Crumley Dairy Farm. In fact, the ‘Ce’ stands for the late Cecil Crumley and the ‘Nita’ for Juanita Crumley. In 2015, the winery officially opened its door to the public and savor a tasting of locally sourced wines.

What to Indulge In

For one of the most wonderful North Georgia winery tours, experience this family owned and operated vineyards on your getaway to Sylvan Valley Lodge. Be awestruck by the way that the rolling vines and the towering mountains decorate the horizon line. Once you’ve enjoyed the vistas and learning about the story of the winery, sample some of the exceptional vino. Listen to the sounds of acoustic instruments setting the ambiance of this charming tasting room. After you’ve received your generous pour, sip outdoors at one of the quaint seating areas or indoors on the couch. There’s always something wonderful waiting for you at CeNita Vineyards!

More Along the Unicoi Wine Trail

Nestled along the Unicoi Wine Trail, this beloved winery brings the best of North Georgia Wine Country from the vine to the bottle. Taste blends from six marvelous vineyards, and enjoy a palate-pleasing journey. Each of these beloved destinations offers a unique selection of regionally inspired wine, which pairs perfectly with breathtaking vistas. In addition to CeNita Vineyards, here are the other wineries along the trail.

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